Family from multi ethnic background at the Christmas Tree Shop.

Christmas Tree Shop 

There is something incredibly special about choosing your own Christmas tree, for many, it’s when the Festive season begins.

Visit the Christmas Tree Shop at Windsor Great Park and our forestry team will help you choose from a selection of cut trees ranging from 3-4 feet through to 15-16 feet.

Grown sustainably in Britain, with many coming from the Windsor Estate, you can choose from a traditional Norway Spruce, Nordmann Fir or (new this year) the vibrant and traditional Blue Spruce.

For those who would like to grow your trees on, we also offer potted trees of Norway Spruce and Nordmann Fir ranging from 2-2.5 feet through to 4-5 feet.

And, if it is just something for your table, choose from one of our firm favourites, a miniature potted tree.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is the traditional Christmas tree, made popular by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The tree has a classic triangular shape with an abundance of branches with short, thin and pointed needles.

Renowned for its rich pine scent, the Norway Spruce is the best value Christmas tree with a full bushy shape and intermediate needle retention.

Green foliage of Norway spruce Christmas tree.
Green foliage of Nordmann fir Christmas tree.

Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Fir is the most popular Christmas tree, with thick glossy needles and an even shape.

The tree is known for its strong branches and excellent needle retention in warm indoor conditions.   

The needles are soft to touch, making the Nordmann Fir not only easy to decorate, but also safe for pets and young children.

Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce is renowned for its striking icy blue colour and citrus fragrance.

An ideal alternative to a more traditional Christmas tree, the Blue Spruce has densely packed branches that will hold heavy ornaments.

The needles are prickly but with reasonably good needle retention.

Foliage of Blue Spruce Christmas tree.

Christmas tree prices*

Blue Spruce
3 – 4ft£22£40
4 – 5ft£28£48£38
5 – 6ft£37£59£48
6 – 7ft£46£72£55
7 – 8ft£57£84
8 – 9ft£72£108
9 – 10ft£85£150
10 – 11ft£98£180
11 – 12ft£130£220
12 – 13ft£150£255
13 – 14ft£175£300
14 – 15ft£200£350
15 – 16ft£230£425
*Members 10% discount excludes: Christmas trees, holly and mistletoe, firewood and kindling, food and drink.
Family from multi ethnic background in Christmas Tree Shop.

Add to your Festive theming 

To add to your Festive theming, choose from natural decorations to deck your home:

  • Wreath’s hand-made on the Windsor Estate
  • Fresh boughs of holly and mistletoe

Plus, we have a small selection of: 

  • Christmas tree stands
  • Christmas tree lights by Noma
  • Food & drink including our Windsor Great Park Sparkling Wine, grown in a vineyard on the Windsor Estate

For a wider selection, please visit The Savill Garden Gift Shop.

Firewood & Kindling

Our seasoned firewood is perfect for open or closed wood burners and, with our kindling, is available in limited supplies.

  • Firewood – £10 per bag
  • Kindling – £5 per bag

Visit early as our supplies always sell-out.

Cut firewood.
View of the top of a lit Swedish Candle.

Swedish Candles

Swedish candles are perfect for giving your patio instant light and heat.

A wooden log from the Windsor Estate is split using a chainsaw, so that the cut stops 2-3 inches (6-8 centimetres) from the base of the candle, preventing it from breaking apart. 

As the log burns, embers and coals fall from the top and in to the cut slots. This ignites the log from within and keeps the fire burning. Burning time can vary and is individual to each log.

Sizes range from small at £15 each to extra large at £35 each.

Christmas Tree Shop frequently asked questions

How to find the Christmas Tree Shop 

The Windsor Great Park Christmas Tree Shop can only be accessed from the A332.

Please be aware that there is only one (1) entrance and exit and only residents and staff are permitted to drive into Windsor Great Park. If your Satnav directs you to any other gate please continue around the Estate until it finds the correct route.

Satnav: SL4 2BY

what3words: noon.income.tend

*Members discounts 

Members 10% discount is available on all Christmas products with the exception of:

  • Christmas trees
  • Holly and mistletoe
  • Firewood and kindling
  • Food and drink
Christmas tree deliveries 

After you have chosen your tree and discovered it will not fit in our car, we offer a local tree delivery service for a small charge of £20. Delivery areas include:

  • Windsor and Old Windsor
  • Ascot
  • Sunninghill
  • Sunningdale
  • Englefield Green
  • Virginia Water
How to care for your cut Christmas tree

Please follow these tips to maintain the freshness of your cut Christmas tree:

  • It’s important that your tree can absorb water to stay fresh. Make a fresh cut at the bottom of the trunk to remove about 1 inch (2.5 centimetres) from the base. This will help the tree to absorb the water it needs. Our team will be happy to help you do this as well as narrow the trunk so that it will fit in the base that you’ll be using at home. Please bring the base with you so that we can do this
  • If you are not ready to decorate your tree on the same day, store it somewhere cool inside a base/bucket that can hold plenty of water. The tree will only take what it needs
  • Before taking your tree indoors, gently hose it down and give it a light shake to remove any loose needles
  • Once indoors, place the tree in a sturdy stand that can hold a good amount of water. Trees can drink up to 3 pints (1.7 litres) a day
  • Check water levels daily and top up if needed
  • Heat will cause your tree to dry out and drop its needles. Where possible, keep it away from heat sources like radiators and fireplaces and, the higher the room temperature, the quicker the tree will dry out
How to care for your potted Christmas tree

Please follow these tips to maintain the freshness of your potted Christmas tree:

  • Try to leave your potted tree outside or in a cool place for as long as possible before you are ready to decorate
  • Before taking your tree indoors, gently hose it down and give it a light shake to remove any loose needles
  • Heat will cause your tree to dry out and drop its needles. Where possible, keep it away from heat sources like radiators and fireplaces and, the higher the room temperature, the quicker the tree will dry out
  • Check the soil of your tree every day. If the top layer of soil feels dry, water the tree to keep the tree fresh and retain the needles. If the top layer is still moist, then leave and check again the following day. Too much water and root rot becomes a risk. The bigger the tree the more roots are packed into the soil and the thirstier the tree will be
  • One of the main benefits of having a potted tree is that they can be used year after year. If you plan to bring the tree inside for Christmas again next year, repot the tree in a larger pot or container with general purpose compost and plenty of drainage. Supplement monthly using a general plant fertiliser throughout the year. Like all plant life, be careful not to overfeed
  • Once the potted tree becomes too big and outgrows the pot, plant it outside in a bright spot sheltered from strong winds and out of direct sunlight.  keep well-watered
Where can I dispose of my Christmas tree? 

Disposing of your real Christmas tree with a recognised service can play a part in helping to reduce both CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and methane emissions. Trees are shredded then blended with other organic materials which can then be turned in to compost.

Services are offered by Borough Councils and will differ between each one. Here is a list of the surrounding Boroughs of Windsor Great Park:

Image block promoting the Thames Hospice Christmas Tree Collection service.

Thames Hospice tree recycling

We are delighted to share with you a service offered by Thames Hospice in partnership with The Lions Club of Windsor.

Thames Hospice provide palliative and end-of-life care to patients aged 16 and over in East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire. Their services are free of charge and rely on the support of the local community to help them raise the funds to help the people who need them most.

Their annual Christmas Tree Collection allows them to raise much needed funds for Thames Hospice while offering an environmentally friendly solution to wrap up the festive season. Your Christmas Tree would have provided much oxygen in its lifetime, and your donations from their collection will help them fund the oxygen their patients need, and the chippings from your tree will be used by Ascot and Windsor Racecourses to complete its lifecycle.

For a donation, they will collect your tree between 5 and 7 January 2024. This collection service is available in: Datchet, Wraysbury & Horton, SL1, SL4 and SL5.

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Discover more this Christmas

There is a lot more to discover at Windsor Great Park this Festive season.

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