Operational farming scene.

Windsor Farms

The Windsor Farms operate as a mixed farming model that involves both crop and animal farming. Originally managed by The Royal Farms, Windsor Farms transferred to the ownership and management of The Crown Estate in March 2024.

The farm’s aim is to produce the highest quality produce for sale locally in the Windsor Farm Shop and to a range of other locally based businesses.

Windsor Farms is gradually transitioning to an organic system. Currently, the mixed farming includes:

  • A pedigree herd of Jersey milking cows, heifers and youngstock
  • A pedigree herd of Sussex breeding cows, heifers and youngstock
  • A herd of breeding sows
  • A flock of Bovan Brown and Lohmann Brown laying hens
  • 223 hectares (550 acres) of arable land
  • 809 hectares (2,000 acres) of grassland

In recent years a significant number of new hedgerows, woodland copses and infield trees have been replanted. The farmland forms part of the wider Windsor Great Park and Home Park landscape.

The Jersey Herd

The herd of 200 pedigree Jersey cows is based at Prince Consort’s Farm in The Home Park. A number of the bloodlines in the herd can be traced back to the establishment of the herd by Queen Victoria.  

A wood engraving of a view of Prince Albert's Model Farm at Windsor.

Royal Collection Trust © His Majesty King Charles III

The farm was originally designed by Prince Albert in the late 1850s and has been extended to include a modern milking system. The cows are housed on waterbeds and are turned out to graze on organic grass pastures during the day.

The organic milk is currently sold to a cooperative with a small amount also used in the production of ice cream sold at Windsor Farm Shop and Windsor Castle.

A herd of Jersey cattle.

The Sussex Herd

The pedigree Sussex herd has over 350 breeding cows. The herd was originally established by Queen Elizabeth II. This native British beef breed is based in Windsor Great Park where the cows and calves spend much of the year grazing the organic parkland grass. When the ground becomes too wet in the winter, the cows are accommodated in straw yards over the winter.

The calves are naturally weaned at 10 months old. These calves are then allowed to mature into fully grown cattle which can take up-to two years from weaning.

These prime fattened cattle are sold in the Windsor Farm Shop and to local restaurants.

Cows from a pedigree Sussex beef herd graze in the early morning sunlight in Windsor Great Park.
Piglets lying in straw.


The herd of 200 Classic sows are a cross breed of Landrace and Large White, served by a Duroc cross Pietrain boar.

The offspring are reared in straw-based accommodation with a lot of space to thrive. Some are also reared outside during the summer months and brought in during the winter.

Our pigs are suitable for a range of different pork products including, bacon, hams, pork, and sausages all of which are sold in the Windsor Farm Shop.


The flock of 1,500 hens are free-range chickens housed in Windsor Great Park where they can roam freely and mature slowly.

With access to fresh pasture, their diets are supplemented with organic grain to provide a nutritionally complete and balanced diet.

Eggs are boxed daily and sold in the Windsor Farm Shop.

Chickens in a field.

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Windsor Great Park
Windsor Great Park

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