Couple walking in the Park with a dog on a lead.

Dog walking in

Windsor Great Park

The Windsor Estate is home to a vast array of habitats, flora and fauna and is an internationally recognised example of biodiversity, sustainability, and conservation.

Well-behaved dogs are welcome in Windsor Great Park and Forest with our lakes, forests and fields offering a beautiful variety of walks along quality trails and tracks.

To protect the wildlife and habitats of the Windsor Estate and to ensure that all our visitors have a safe and enjoyable visit, we have a code of conduct that all dog walkers must follow.

Sharing the space

Two people walking with a dog.

Where to walk and facilities

Dogs are welcome in any of our public areas with these exceptions: 

  • The Savill Garden Visitor Centre 
  • The Savill Garden
  • Adventure Play 
  • Virginia Water Pavilion and Shop 

Assistance dogs and emotional assistance dogs are permitted in all public areas. View information about accessibility at Windsor Great Park here.

You can find facilities for you and your dog at:

  • The Savill Garden Visitor Centre terrace
  • Virginia Water Pavilion dog terrace

Lead-only areas

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, dogs must stay on lead if they do not respond to recall and, in the following areas: 

  • Car parks 
  • Around the visitor centres at The Savill Garden and Virginia Water Pavilion 
  • Obelisk Lawn 
  • The Valley Gardens 
  • The Deer Park 
  • or, where signs dictate 
Dachshund dog on a lead.
White dog with brown spots doing a poop on the grass.

Clearing up after your dog

Clearing up after your dog ensures that the landscape of Windsor Great Park and Forest remains pleasant and clean for everyone to enjoy.

Dog waste

As well as being unpleasant for other visitors to find, dog waste can:

  • Cause serious ecological damage to plants
  • Spread disease in humans and animals
Dog waste disposal

Dog walkers must:

  • Carry sufficient dog waste bags for the number of dogs you are exercising
  • Pick up dog waste from dogs in your care and ensure that it is appropriately sealed, disposed of in bins or, taken home
  • Please do not leave your dog waste bags lying around or attached to fences or trees

Keep dogs and horses safe around each other

Windsor Great Park is home to Guard’s Polo Club as well as a place that our horse riding Members and Horse Riding Schools can enjoy all-year round.

Horse tracks in Windsor Great Park can be identified by orange/red sand. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, when you are walking your dog/s please stay off of the horse tracks, and, if you do not have a sound recall for your dog/s, they must be kept on a lead.

The British Horse Society has produced a guide for both dog owners and horse riders outlining the safest way to share the space together.

A dog on a lead, looking up at its owner.
Dog walker with three dogs on a lead.

Professional dog walkers

The Dogs Trust has put together a guide for professional dog walkers to ensure that they are following best practice and welfare for dogs in their care.    

Take a look at the Dogs Trust 10 top tips for dog walkers here.

Download the Dogs Trust professional walkers’ guidelines for detailed information.

Discover more

See our most popular walks, or learn about conservation on the Windsor Estate. 

Windsor Great Park
Windsor Great Park

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