Virginia Water woods with the lake in the distance.

Virginia Water

Originally conceived as a Royal pleasure ground, Virginia Water lies at the Southern edge of Windsor Great Park.

The 2-mile-long lake is a popular destination for families, walkers and wildlife lovers. In addition to tree-lined shores and vistas, its highlights include The Cascade and The Leptis Magna Ruins.

A full circuit of the lake is a bracing 5.25 miles, but the Cascade and Leptis Magna Ruins are a much shorter stroll.

The Cascade, Virginia Water Lake, Windsor Great Park.

The Cascade

From the Virginia Water Pavilion, follow the signs around the lake and you will discover the 30ft (9.1m) high waterfall known as the Cascade.

Although the ‘grotto’ was part of the early plans for the area, the Cascade wasn’t completed until March 1789. Fed directly from the lake, the Cascade relies on the right water levels and looks particularly impressive after heavy rainfall.

The Leptis Magna Ruins

If you continue walking on from the Cascade, you will reach the Ruins.

Created in 1826, this folly is built from columns, pedestals and slabs recovered from the ancient Roman city of Leptis Magna, in present-day Libya.

According to UNESCO, the city flourished during the first and second centuries AD and was once one of the most beautiful in the Roman Empire. It featured imposing public monuments, a harbour, a marketplace, colonnades and an amphitheatre.

The stones were gifted to the Prince Regent (later George IV) in 1816, and spent some time in the British Museum before finding a home in Park.

The ruins were carefully restored in 2009 and are protected by a fence due to their age and delicate nature.

The Leptis Magna Ruins, Virginia Water.

Virginia Water frequently asked questions


For our visitors with access requirements, we work with AccessAble to provide detailed access guides for popular areas of Windsor Great Park. More information and links to the AccessAble guides can be found here.

Where is Virginia Water? 

The Windsor Great Park map & guide can be found here.

Can I cycle around the Lake? 

We want all of our visitors to have a safe and enjoyable visit to Windsor Great Park. Cycling is not permitted on the south side of the Lake with the exception of pre-school (under 5 years) children. More information about cycling in Windsor Great Park, can be found here.

How far is the walk from Virginia Water to The Savill Garden? 

The Savill Garden Visitor Centre, The Savill Garden and Adventure Play is 1.5miles/2.4km walk from Virginia Water Pavilion. More information about our most poular walks can be found here.

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