Photographer taking a shot of a fresh green forest.

Commercial photography

Windsor Great Park provides endless scope for landscape and close-up photography.  Our colourful displays and inspiring environment provide endless opportunities for stunning landscape photography as well as close-up shots of the diverse flora and fauna.

If you wish to conduct a photo shoot for commercial use, you will need to purchase a licence. 

Getting started

How do I contact Windsor Great Park to discuss my location brief?

Please complete the commercial photography application form

What are your location fees?

Location fees vary depending on your specific requirements. Please be assured that we constantly monitor industry rates to enable us to quote fairly and competitively.

Can I use a drone to film in Windsor Great Park? 

Filming and photography with drones is not permitted in Windsor Great Park and on the wider Estate unless permission has been granted. If the use of a drone/s is required please highlight this when you submit your initial enquiry.

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