Family having a picnic on Obelisk Lawn.


Relax with family and friends with a picnic in Windsor Great Park.

There are plenty of places to take in the fresh air and enjoy the stunning backdrop of the Obelisk Pond and Virginia Water Lake. With close-by facilities at hand you are also never far away from an indulgent treat to add to your picnic from one of our Cafés or gift shops.

Choose one of our suggested walks to add to your fun day out.

Picnics frequently asked questions

Where can I have a picnic at Windsor Great Park

Picnics are permitted throughout Windsor Great Park, with the exception of:

  • The Savill Garden
  • Adventure Play
  • Private areas which are sign posted

The best car parks for you to use if you are visiting to have a picnic are:

  • The Savill Garden & Adventure Play
  • Virginia Water
  • Virginia Water South

Take a look at our parking information.

Can I have a picnic on The Long Walk?

Picnics are permitted on The Long Walk. Please be aware, there are no facilities for you to use or bins to dispose of your rubbish.

If facilities are needed, you should access The Long Walk from Windsor town centre. Information about parking in Windsor town centre can be found here.

Charity events and large groups

We welcome charity information days or sponsored events within Windsor Great Park. As a public space and operational Estate, you will need permission to do so.

Can I bring a table and chairs for my picnic?

We have no restrictions on the use of folding tables and chairs, but ask our visitors if deciding to use these in busy areas of Windsor Great Park, to consider the comfort and safety of our other visitors. Blankets are a great alternative and of course much lighter to carry.

Are there benches that I can use to have my picnic?

Picnic benches are available for all to use outside the Savill Garden Visitor Centre, and Virginia Water Pavilion.

Am I able to use a tent, gazebo or marquee?

Tents, gazebos, marquees or structures of any kind must not be used at Windsor Great Park.

Can I use a barbecue or bring my own cooking equipment?

Windsor Great Park and the wider Estate is home to rare wildlife and National Collections of plants and Champion Trees. To protect this ancient Royal landscape, barbecues or cooking equipment of any kind must not be used at Windsor Great Park.

Other considerations 

  • Litter is unpleasant for us all but can also cause damage to the landscape and wildlife. Please come prepared to take your litter home with you. Balloons or decorations are not permitted in Windsor Great Park
  • We all have a different taste in music. So that everyone can enjoy their day out, music from a speaker or played, is not permitted in Windsor Great Park
  • Broken glass is a hazard to other visitors and wildlife. Please use reusable cups and bottles where possible
Discarded litter in the Park.

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Windsor Great Park

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