Circular stone monument, Queen Anne's Ride.

Queen Anne’s Ride & Stag Meadow

Queen Anne’s Ride is a 2.9 mile ‘avenue’ between Windsor Great Park and Ascot Heath. 

First mentioned in 1708, the Queen’s Walk (as it was originally known) provided Queen Anne’s horse-drawn carriage (or ‘chaise’) with easy access to the Great Park and forest beyond. 

The original avenue of trees (elm and lime) did not do well and replanting started as early as 1813. In turn, over the decades many of the replacement trees became diseased and dangerous. 

In 1993, after a generous donation of 1,000 oaks by the Association of High Sheriffs, the avenue was felled and re-planted.

Understandably, local people protested at the time. However, this type of decision demonstrates the timescales that the Windsor Estate must consider in relation to future generations. The oak trees are now almost 30 years old, and will eventually restore the Ride to its original and majestic splendour.

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Single Stag in Windsor Great Park.

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