Young people filming in Windsor Great Park

Non-commercial filming

Film and media students can request permission to use locations in Windsor Great Park.  We do not charge a location fee, although students must follow a similar process to commercial film crews. 

Please read the information below which will help you to decide if Windsor Great Park is the right place to carry out your non-commercial filming project.

Getting started

How do I contact Windsor Great Park for permission to carry out non-commercial filming?

Please see the paperwork and charges section below.

Which days can I film in Windsor Great Park? 

You can generally film Mondays to Saturdays. Due to the number of visitors to Windsor Great Park, we do not permit filming on Sundays or Bank Holiday weekends. 

  • When you contact us, please specify your preferred date/s so that we can check availability
  • Please do not commit to any filming activity until a team member has confirmed your date
Can I use a drone to film in Windsor Great Park? 

Filming and photography with drones is not permitted in Windsor Great Park and on the wider Estate.

Do you have a map of Windsor Great Park?

View the Windsor Great Park map & guide

Paperwork and charges

Is there a charge to carry out non-commercial filming in Windsor Great Park?

There is no charge for film and media students to carry out non-commercial filming in Windsor Great Park as long as you have received permission to do so.

Is there any paperwork to complete?

To request permission you will need to complete the non-commercial filming application form providing us with the following information:

  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • A short summary of your scene together with a list of props and equipment
  • Location/s that you would like to use
  • The date you would like to film
  • Start time
  • Finish time
  • Size of cast and crew
  • Two mobile phone contact details for the day of filming
  • Confirmation that you have undertaken a full risk assessment
  • A copy of your College or University’s Public Liability Insurance document

All information must be provided for us to consider your request. We regret that not all applications will be successful.

Windsor Great Park
Windsor Great Park

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