Two adults and two young people cycling together.

Cycling in Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park welcomes cyclists. As well as being part of the National Cycle Route (Network 4), there are other designated cycling paths in Windsor Great Park. These can be found on the map below or the Windsor Great Park map & guide.

Swinley Forest bike trails

For off-road cycling and 24km of trails suitable for all abilities, visit Swinley Forest. View the bike trails here.

Map of Windsor Great Park.

Cycling routes

The Windsor Great Park map & guide shows the permitted cycling routes in Windsor Great Park.

Cycling is not permitted in the following areas, pushed or otherwise:

  • The Long Walk
  • The Deer Park
  • The Valley Gardens
  • The south side of Virginia Water Lake

Please observe the signs throughout Windsor Great Park.

Family taking a rest from cycling, sitting on the grass.

Pre-school cyclists

While we ask that cyclists stay on the permitted routes, children under five (5) years (accompanied by an adult) can ride cycles and scooters in the following locations: 

  • The Deer Park
  • Virginia Water Lake

E-scooters, hoverboards and similar

For reasons of safety and traffic management, we do not allow motorised transport within the Park. Aside from cyclists, the roads are reserved for residents and Estate workers. 

All other forms of motorised transport are not permitted within Windsor Great Park. Examples include: 

  • E-scooters
  • Hoverboards
  • One-wheels
E-scooter on its stand outdoors amongst fallen leaves.
Two adults on their bikes. Wearing helmets, cycling on a path.

Sharing the space

As with all visitors, we ask cyclists to stay aware of their surroundings and treat others with respect.

  • When cycling in places where sharing with pedestrians, horse riders or horse drawn carriages is permitted, please take extra care and be prepared to slow down or stop
  • Let them know you are there; for example, by ringing your bell (it is recommended that a bell is fitted to your bike), or by calling out politely. Remember that pedestrians may be deaf or hard of hearing, blind or partially sighted and it may not be obvious that you are approaching them
  • You should not pass a horse on their left or at speed, particularly from behind. Remember that horses can be startled if passed without warning
  • Only cycle on designated roads
  • Please do not cycle in groups of more than six (6)

Windsor Great Park can get very busy, especially during special events. Whenever you visit, you’ll be sharing our roads with Estate workers, residents and other visitors. 

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