With over 4,800 acres for you to explore at Windsor Great Park you will discover a Royal history spanning over 1,000 years, including - historical monuments, ancient forests and stunning horticultural displays, as well as rare wildlife, plants and fungi.

Visiting Windsor Great Park

Help us to make your visit safe and enjoyable for all. Please read the following guidelines:

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    Government Covid-19 guidelines can be found here.

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    Please come prepared to carry your rubbish away with you.

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    Observe social distancing guidelines and all signage in the Park.

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    Cyclists, please familiarise yourselves with our cycling guidelines.

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    Before you visit take a look at our visitor updates. These may have changed since you last came.

Seasonal Inspiration


Windsor Great Park is home to an impressive collection of plants and flowers from around the world which offer astounding displays to admire – and photograph – throughout the seasons!

Visit our Seasonal highlights guide for some of our suggestions for plants that are peaking today.


Our Story and History

Windsor Great Park has witnessed countless events throughout history, dating back to pre-Saxon times - each of which has left its own distinctive mark on this impressive landscape. From William the Conqueror using the landscape as a hunting ground, to Queen Victoria entertaining on the shores of Virginia Water – our Royal connections remain strong today under the stewardship of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, the current Ranger of Windsor Great Park.

Share in the experiences that generations of the Monarchy have enjoyed throughout history as you wander through Windsor Great Park. To find out more, visit our Heritage section and Interactive Timeline below.